Getting Started

Welcome to the RMA Documentation. Whether you are new to RMA or an advanced user, you can find useful information here.

RMA - is a powerful tool for managing the return and exchange of items purchased by customers in your store. Allowing your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your webstore.

RMA Workflow

  1. If customer would like to make a refund or exchange of the ordered item(s), he creates a RMA request in his account or via guest form.
  2. New RMA is created with status Pending Aproval.
  3. Store agent receives the RMA request and reviews it.
  4. If the item can not be returned or refunded for any reason, agent sets the RMA status to Rejected. Customer receives email notification.
  5. In the case of a positive decision, agent sets status Approved and allows return of order items.
  6. Customer receives email notification and prints RMA Packing Slip.
  7. Customer sends the package with RMA packing slip to the store. After sending the package, Customer confims shipping. RMA gets a status Package sent.
  8. After receiving the package, store agent can:
    1. Provide exchange of the items by creating an exchange order.
    2. Provide refunds by creating a credit memo.
  9. When RMA processing is finished, agent sets RMA status to Closed.

During each step customer and store agent can discuss details via RMA system.

Next steps:

Basic RMA workflow