Return Addresses

By default for any return the same address used, specified at RMA -> Settings -> General Settings -> Return Address. But there are cases, when products should be returned not to the main store's address, but to some other location - warehouse, for example, or repair facility. Return Addresses are used just for this.

By default RMA does not contain any predefined Return Address, they should be created at RMA -> Dictionaries -> Return Addresses.

To use newly-created Return Address, you need to open appropriate RMA and in section General Information select proper address by its short title in Alternative Return Address drop-down list. Then save RMA, and only after that selected Return Address will be shown on RMA Edit Page, and on RMA Packing Slip.

How to create a new Return Address

Visit Return Address dedicated Grid (path is given above), and press Add New button. Each Return Address contains the following fields, as shown on screenshot below:

Return Address

  • Title - short title, under which this Return Address will be shown at RMA Edit Page.
  • Address - address itself, as a multi-line string.
  • Sort order - allows to set Return Addresses in some order - for example - by locations, associating a number with proximity. The lesser number - the higher position.
  • Is Active - allows to hide Return Address, if it is no longer needed, and activate it again.