How to temporary disable RMA extension

To temporary disable the extension follow the next steps:

  1. Login in to Magento backend, go to System > Tools > Compilation. Disable Compilation Mode (if enabled).
  2. Rename the following file:

    • app/etc/modules/Mirasvit_Rma.xml to app/etc/modules/Mirasvit_Rma.xml.bak
  3. If you have only one extension from Mirasvit installed, remove the following file:

    • app/etc/modules/Mirasvit_MstCore.xml to app/etc/modules/Mirasvit_MstCore.xml.bak
  4. Go to System > Cache Management. Press the button Flush Magento Cache.

Note: To enable the extension you need to rename the files back and flush the cache.