How to upgrade RMA extension

To upgrade extension follow next steps:

  1. Login to Magento backend.
  2. Go to System > Tools > Compilations.

    If Compiler Status is Enabled, disable the compilation by clicking the button Disable in the upper right corner.

  3. Backup your store database and web directory.

    If you have customizations, please, create a separate backup of app/code/local/Mirasvit before upgrading to the new version.

  4. Download new extension package from your Personal Account.
  5. Unzip the extension locally.
  6. Temporary disable extension. Check Temporary Disabling.
  7. Copy contents of the folder step1 to the root directory of Magento store.
  8. Copy contents of the folder step2 to the root directory of Magento store.
  9. Completely clear the site cache. Go to System > Cache Management. Click button Flush Magento Cache. If you want to clear the cache manually, you need to remove a folder /var/cache at the server.
  10. Logout from Magento backend and login again.
  11. If compilation was enabled before upgrade, you need to run recompilation process to enable compilation. Go to System > Tools > Compilation and click on Run Compilation Process.

If you did not disable compilation and store is down after upgrade, follow the link and make next steps to recover the store.