Managing RMA

Guide section contains a everyday guide for all agents, that are responsible of returns. For convenience, it is divided into following sections:

RMA Management Hub

The central place of all RMA is their dedicated grid, where all active (e. q. non-archived) RMA are listed. It is located at RMA -> RMA (archived ones are located at RMA -> Archive).

By default RMA grid has the following columns:

  • RMA# - RMA Number. Numbering of RMA can be changed at [RMA Number](/Configuration_Settings/Settings#number) section of Configuration Settings.
  • Order# - original order number (or numbers, if Allow RMA for multiple orders from RMA Policy settings is set to Yes).
  • Customer Name - name of customer, that had requested RMA.
  • Owner - an agent of the store, responsible of the RMA.
  • Last Replier - name of person who added the very last message to the RMA.
  • Status - current status of the RMA request. Read more in Statuses section.
  • Created Date - Date of RMA request creation.
  • Last Activity - Time, passed from RMA last activity.
  • Items - synthetic field (e. q. gathered on-the-fly), that display short info about returned items and their conditionals.


You can customize columns, displayed on the RMA Grid, by selecting them in option Show Columns in RMA Grid at General Settings section of Configuration Settings.
Warning: If you use third-party extension for grid customization (BL_CustomGrid, for example) do not opt (or unselect, if already opted) for display Items - otherwise there can be unchecked conflict and even extension crush.

From this hub you can process RMA:

  • Add New - button on the Grid, that allows backend creation of RMA.
  • Edit RMA - each row in the grid is in fact link to corresponding RMA editing page. If for some reason it is not applicable (for example, due to third-party grid enhancing extension), add to the Grid View Link column.
  • Change Status - allows to change status of one or more RMA in bulk. Activated from mass-actions menu.
  • Archive - allows to move to Archive one or more RMA. Activated from mass-actions menu.
  • Delete - allows to delete one or more RMA. Activated from mass-actions menu.
  • Export - allows you to export contents of the Grid either to CSV or XML format.

Grid also allows you to perform Global Search and column filtering.

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