Auto Links Management

Add Links

Go to the SEO > Auto Links > Management and click the button Add New Link. In the opened window, enter settings:

  • Keyword - word which will be replaced by the link.
  • URL - target URL of the link
  • URL Target - specifies where link should be open (in the current window or in the new one)
  • Nofollow - If enabled, nofollow attribute will be added to the link
  • Number of substitutions - specifies maximum number of keyword replacements in the content of the page. If this number is equal 0, then number of replacements is unlimited.
  • Occurence - specifies direction of search for keywords replacement.
  • Status - indicates either link is active or disabled.
  • Visible in Store View - Choose store views where links will be added.
    You may choose All Store Views OR individeal views like English,French. Please do not select both All Store Views along with individual views.

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