General Settings

Go to System > Page Cache Warmer > Settings. You will see the following settings:


  • Enabled - enables full page cache warmer.
  • Warm pages by - strategy for warming pages: by popularity (recomended) or by page type.
  • Ignored Pages - regular expressions for excluding pages from warmer.
    /\?/ - ignore pages with GET params
    /\?[\w]&[\w]&[\w]*/ - ignore pages with more than 2 GET params


  • Threads - the number of concurrent (parallel) requests to the store.
  • Delay between requests - delay between requests in milliseconds (1000 ms - 1 s).
  • Maximum job run time - maximum time allowed for one job run in seconds.
  • Job Schedule - cron expression for schedule warmer jobs.

Extended Settings

  • Don't verify peer - determines whether SSL certificates are validated for requests sent over a HTTPS connection.
  • Don't run warmer job if average system load more than (%) - If average system load will more than value in this field warmer will not start warming process.
    "Average system load" you can see in SYSTEM->Page Cache Warmer->Jobs.
  • Crawler limit - Crawler will stop crawling when quantity of URLs in cache will reach this value.
  • Forbid cache flushing - Forbid flush FPC cache. Cache can be flushed only in Cache Management or if TTL expired.
    If enabled store will stop flush FPC cache even if you change products.


  • Show cache staus - show block with info whether the page is in the cache in the frontend (it does not work for Vrnish).
  • Show debug hints only for - сomma separated IP addresses.
  • Log tags for cache flushing - Create tags log file /var/log/clean.log
  • Log backtrace for cache flushing - Create backtrace for cache flushing in file /var/log/clean.log