Email Trigger

Trigger - is the event or the sequence of events that as a result generates a chain of emails.

Event - is the certain action of a visitor (e.g. log in, registration, placing an order) or action of a system (e.g. change order status, change of the price).

To create a new email trigger, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Marketing > Follow Up Email > Manage Triggers. Press button Add New Trigger.
  2. Fill in the fields in the trigger tabs:
    • General Information:
      • Name - name of trigger.
      • Status
      • Active From
      • Active to
      • Store View - store view where emails will be sent.
      • Event - event which activates the trigger.
      • Cancelation Event - event which cancels the trigger.
      • Email Chain
    • Rules:
      Allows you to set and send emails only if the selected conditions are met.
      Could be used Customer details, Shopping Cart, Order, Shipping Address, Wishlist conditions.
    • Sender Details:
      • Sender Email - email for sending emails to customers.
      • Sender Name - name for the sender email.
      • Send copy to email - email which receives email copies sent from the sender email.
    • Google Analytics Campaign:
      Allows you to set up Google Analytics tracking.
  3. Press Save.
  4. After saving the trigger, you can test a new trigger.